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play dough

Play dough TM Lovin’Do  is pleasant easy to touch. Soft, made of  natural products with light-fruity smell dough is safe for children. Recommended for children after 3 years. Does not stick to the hands, does not leave color traces, easily assembles from solid surfaces. Play dough TM Lovin’Do by OKTO – natural material for the first bright children’s fantasies!


slime- antisterss

Slime TM Mr.Boo is colorful fragrant viscous mass for the game. Slime perfectly relieves mental tension: it is stretched, crumbled and even inflated with a straw. Recommended for children above 5 years old. The wide range of Mr.Boo slimes impresses with various aromats, bright and neon colors, glitter, confetti and toys. Great for playing at school and with friends at home.


light jumping clay

The Moon light clay series of light magic clay gives you the ability to create shapes that solidify in the open air  during hours and keep their shape. After drying, the product acquires elasticity and a matte effect. Recommended for children above 5 years old. Light, pleasant plasticine TM Moon light clay will open the world of funny fantastic characters, original jewelry, souvenirs and a long fun game.


nano-modeling clay

Nano-modeling clay  TM Brick Mister – an amazing mixture for modeling. A great alternative to playing in the sandbox. Nano-modeling clay is especially popular with fans of sand castles and palaces. Recommended for preschoolers. The Brick Mister  formula is specifically designed to keep your baby’s creation shape longer. It has a bright palette of colors that mix together. No additional moisture required. Easy to assemble from surfaces


polymer clay

Polymer Clay TM Poly Teens is specially made for children. The material is similar to  oil clay, but after heat treatment it acquires the property of plastic. Recommended for children above 8 years old, plastic is widely used in jewelry, interior and souvenir items. A bright color palette will allow you to create whatever your child wishes. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, photo frames, magnets, souvenirs and accessories for clothing: Poly Teens products.


decorative clay

TM Candy cream is created as additional material for decoration of ready-made figures and children’s creations. A fragrant, colored mass is similar to a pastry cream. Convenient packing in confectionery bags with tips, allows to give fantastic forms: from flower petals to leavs and letters. Recommended for young pastry chefs above 5 years. The clay for decorating TM Candy cream will be a great decoration for small masterpieces. Dries in the open air during 12 hours. It is easily combined with glitter powder.